Natural Homeopathic Remedy 

Homeopathic remedy is one of the alternative choices of people, because it is naturally made from herbs and minerals. This  system of natural homeopathy has been around for more than 200 years (originally discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany) and is consistently used in many other parts of the world (for example, Europe, America and India).

Homeopathic Remedy for:

  • Women Health: Infertility, Cysts, Fibroid (without surgery) etc.
  • Children Health: All types of Illness.
  • Men / women Health: Prostate, kidney & gall stone, hemorrhoids (without surgery), herpes & other sexual diseases, arthritis, eczema etc.

How it Works:

Homeopathic remedy is an holistic system of natural substance which will help every individual by considering his or her specific bad  symptoms of body, without side effects. A homeopathic practitioner will take into consideration the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms all together before prescribing a homeopathic remedy. Why is this done? It is because human beings are complex organisms that have multiple dimensions, which goes beyond the visible ‘physical’ self. An ideal system of homeopathic remedy is that which considers all the dimensions of a human being before selecting a suitable homeopathic remedy.

Mainly, homeopathic remedy works from the ‘inside-out’. It starts solving the problem from the inside and slowly works its way to the outer regions.

Homeopathic remedy is made from natural substances such as plants and minerals. Homeopathy has a unique process known as ‘potentization’ (involves multiple dilutions) which allows for optimum help when administered properly.

Homeopathic remedy is prescribed according to the specific bad symptoms of the person. It means different individual need different remedy to restore their health according to their specific symptoms of illness.  So, the advice of an experienced homeopathic practitioner is required in order to obtain the right homeopathic remedy.